Room Additions

Chesapeake, KY

Do you live in the Chesapeake, KY area and have thought about contracting room additions in your home. Do you need additional space and want a solution outside of moving into a bigger house? The solution is Atlas Foundation & Repairs LLC . Tell us what you want added, and we'll come out a give you a free, no obligation estimate on what it will cost both price wise and time wise to finish the room additions you want in your home. You'll be surprised at how reasonably priced we are. We aim for lifetime customers. We want you to come see us any time you need room additions or any other type of work we do. We're not in it for a quick sale. We'll complete your work expertly, on time, at a reasonable price, and we'll make sure we do it right the first time. We are a general contractor company that takes care of various construction work. This includes leveling warped or broken floors, fixing foundations, and water proofing homes. We can also add various room additions to your home. If you want remodeling done, we are also experts at both kitchen and bathroom remodeling. No job is too big or too small for us at Atlas Foundation & Repairs LLC . We are one of the best general contractor businesses in the greater Chesapeake, KY area. We are 50 years family owned and operated.

So, give us a call today. We can take care of all the room additions you want done to your home to your satisfaction. Our goal is to service all our friends in the area. We'll come out, give you a fair quote, then get to work on your project as soon as possible. We are always professional, dependable and oozing with courtesy. Come see us today!