Foundation Repair

Flatwoods, KY

Are you looking for a foundation repair or a bathroom remodel job in the greater Flatwoods, KY area? If so, why not give us a call at Atlas Foundation & Repairs LLC ? We are skilled professionals who can take care of all your foundation needs. Broken foundations are a specialty of our company. We complete the job to your satisfaction the first time. You won't have to worry about the need for touch up work. If you are seeing cracked bricks, leaning chimneys, or sagging floors in your building, it's a sign the foundation is in need of repair. Several factors can be responsible for damaged foundations. These include; tree roots that have grown under the building's foundation, poor soil compaction, and plumbing or pipe leaks. We will develop a plan based on the size of your structure and its weight. We will work around your schedule to get the job done for you quickly and efficiently. Are you considering investing in a bathroom remodel job? If so, Atlas Foundation & Repairs LLC can take care of the job for you. We will come out and take a look at the space you are planning to remodel. Remodeling your bathroom can add to the resale value of your home. We'll give you a free estimate and accurate professional advice about exactly what is needed to give you the bathroom remodel of your dreams.

So whether you are looking for a foundation repair expert or someone who can do an excellent bathroom remodel, Atlas Foundation & Repairs LLC is the company for the job. We are 50 years family owned and operated. Give us a call today for a free estimate. Our pricing is always competitive, and our work is always excellent. We look forward to working with you!