Floor Leveling

Ashland, KY

Are you an Ashland, KY resident who needs to have home floor leveling done? At Atlas Foundation & Repairs LLC , we excel at floor leveling. We will correct your uneven floors then repair them with a new and more durable surface. Poorly leveled floors can cause all sorts of flooring issues. The is the substance that forms the foundation of a floor, so if it is damaged, there is going to be damage to your flooring as well. We will make sure your floor is prepared sufficiently before we begin the repair process. This is a necessity for a great job. We can use a self floor leveling treatment that will pump in a self-leveling underlayment that will serve to repair the sagging floor. The finish cures to a smooth finish that can be walked on in a relatively brief period of time. The end result will be your uneven, sunken floors will be restored to their pre-sagging condition. However far your floor has sunk, Atlas Foundation & Repairs LLC will handle the job successfully. Once done, there will be no need for patchwork repair. We'll do the job the right way the first time around. We're locally owned and operated in the greater Ashland, KY area. No job is too big or too small for us. We use the latest technology equipment and all our technicians are professionally trained. All our work is guaranteed. We are 50 years family owned and operated. You're in good hands with Atlas.

Are you looking to have a kitchen remodel done? Remodeling your kitchen can add to the value of your home. People shopping for a new home are often most impressed by kitchen and bathroom areas. We are skilled technicians who will give you an estimate and with your approval get to work constructing the kitchen remodel job of your dreams. Why not give us a call today for your free quote?